No More Fake News: Facebook Tackles Down False News Stories, Post With the Help of New Tools


The breaking news from the Social Media is that the Facebook major announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg about the Fake News in Facebook or False Stories or Post is going to down.

Yes, the CEO of Facebook is finally taking action against the Fake News, False Stories or Post with the Help of New Tools.

No More Fake News: Facebook Tackles Down False News Stories, Post With New Tools

Now there is No More Fake News, False Stories on Facebook. The social network announced Thursday that it will work with fact-checking outlets to label fake stories, flagged by users, as “disputed.” Adam Mosseri, a vice president in charge of the news feed, shared the changes in a press release.

Facebook said users will find it easier to flag fake articles on their News Feed as a hoax, and it will work with organizations such as fact-checking website Snopes, ABC News and the Associated Press to check the authenticity of stories.

If such organizations identify a story as fake, Facebook said, it will get flagged as “disputed” and be linked to the corresponding article explaining why.

Faceboook Fake News Go Down
Facebook Fake News Go Down

The social network has added a new option titledit’s a fake news story” to its reporting feature, which is currently used for spam or other “annoying” content.

The updates are rolling out Thursday, so you won’t see the disputed flags right away, but expect them shortly.
Facebook said stories which turned out to be fake after fact-checking would be labeled with a link explaining why, and they could also appear lower in people’s social feed.
 Facebook also said it was looking into penalizing websites which tried to mimic major publishers or misled readers into thinking they were a well-known news source.
So big changes are coming in the Facebook and great news for 1.8 billion users of Facebook. Stay tuned for other updates.


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